Book Review – The Poisoned Princess

The Poisoned Princess (Warders, #1)The Poisoned Princess by Armen Pogharian

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A Tale Worthy of a Hero

The fate of the known world rests upon the petite shoulders of the princess of Veloria. Despite all precautions, however, she has been poisoned by a Shaulan assassin. The healers have stabilized her, but unless she receives an antidote posthaste she will die—and war will throw the world into chaos.

Enter Toran, a half-breed who is just becoming aware of his many talents. He joins a dwarf and the princess’ lady-in-waiting on a hero’s quest to locate the antidote.

The Poisoned Princess by Armen Pogharian is a fun escape into a fantasy world complete with ogres and elves. Each adventure rolls headlong into the next and, of course, our hero wins in the end.

The Poisoned Princess is a quick, enjoyable read, and I recommend it to readers from young adult up. However, because the story begins with a rape scene, I would be careful with younger readers.

In the interest of full disclosure, I was given a copy of The Poisoned Princess in exchange for an honest review.

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