My Top Ten Tweets for #writers

My Top Ten Tweets

Top Ten Tweets


I love to write, but with writing comes marketing, the bane of my existence. I began gathering tips about writing and marketing from various blogs for easier reference. One day I thought why not share? So here we go. Follow me on Twitter @roxannesmolen for more tips.

Character Plotting  The characters we create are full of surprises. As they come to life with their own thoughts and feelings. #writers #writetip

How to Use Swag to Support Your Book Marketing  Think of giving the reader something connected to the book, something that’s memorable. #writers #indieauthors

What Authors Need To Know When Writing About Law – Part 1  Legal fiction, crime thrillers, or any other kind of fiction that deals with legal issues. #writers #writetip

Writing a Short Story: 8 Ways it will Help your Craft  Writing short stories is a practice that really helps when it comes to working out longer story and character arcs. #writers #writetip

Think Small: 32-quick-fixes-for-writing-microblocks-and-miniglitches  You know that something else is needed, but the question is: what? #writerslife #writingtips

Nailing Your One-Sentence Story Concept  Your story concept has to be terrific to be worth not only your time (writing it) but also your reader’s time (reading it). #writerslife #writingtips

Do You Have a Story with a Twist, or a Twist That Thinks it’s a Story?  The story has to hold up even if readers know the twist. #writerslife #writingtips

How to outline a book without killing the fun of writing it  Write the kind of outline that gives you a star to follow and makes sure you don’t forget the important steps. #writerslife #writingtips

Finding Sentences to Start a Story: 7 Methods  Great opening lines intrigue us. #writers #writingtips

Stupid Writing Rules: Why One Size Fits All Advice Doesn’t Work  There are no rigid rules for writing good fiction. #writerslife #writingtips


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