Book Review – A Scent of Lavender

A Scent of LavenderA Scent of Lavender by Zelda Becht

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A Scent of Lavender is about Christopher Meade, a Long Island lawyer who is finding his life predictable and rather boring. He longs to take his sailboat out and play hooky, but the demands on his time won’t allow even one day respite.

His life changes when he becomes the focus of a ghost who needs his help. Whenever she reaches out to him, he catches a scent of lavender. He has lavender-scented dreams at night, lavender-scented meetings with clients. After several days of increasing distraction, he takes off to England on a quest. He doesn’t know exactly what he’s searching for, and he finds it exhilarating. He hasn’t felt so alert and purposeful in years. Even so, he has given himself a limit of ten days to accomplish whatever it is he needs to do. Then it’s back to his humdrum life.

All of which makes Christopher Meade an extremely relatable character. I enjoyed his story of trying to lay an ancestral ghost to rest, but I enjoyed the deeper story of finding that special something missing from his life even more. A Scent of Lavender is a nice summer read, and I recommend it to anyone whose life seems a little boring.

I received a free copy of A Scent of Lavender in exchange for an honest review.

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