My Top Ten Tweets for #writers

My Top Ten Tweets

Top Ten Tweets


I love to write, but with writing comes marketing, the bane of my existence. I began gathering tips about writing and marketing from various blogs for easier reference. One day I thought why not share? So here we go. Follow me on Twitter @roxannesmolen for more tips.

10 Great Truths About Making A Living As A Writer. Okay, turn it up to 11.  #writerslife

7 Lessons from Books Made into Movie Adaptations | make your novel blockbuster material.  #writetip

20 Websites To Sell Your EBook  #indieauthor #writerslife

44 Essential Twitter Hashtags Every Author Should Know | Here’s what you need to know.  #writerslife

7 Tips On How To Deal With Backstory | There’s a way to artfully create histories that enrich your characters. 

Practice with the Tools of Writing to Become a Master of Your Trade  #writingtips #indieauthor

How to Avoid the 3 Most Common Weapons Mistakes Writers Make  #writingtips #writetip

Everything You Need to Know About Beta Reading – How to Work with Your Squad  #writerslife

5 Legal Myths That Writers Still Fall For, Debunked – reducing unnecessary worry.  #writerslife

Fast, Cheap, and Good: What Publishing Compromises Are You Making?  #indieauthors #writetip


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