Book Review – From A Far Land

From A Far LandFrom A Far Land by G. David Walker

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

In From A Far Land by G. David Walker, we follow a seventeen-year-old boy (almost eighteen, as he so often tells us) as he steps through a door in an empty cottage and into another world–a beautiful world filled with magic, hybrid humans, and danger. His first inclination is to find a way back to Earth, but as his path becomes enmeshed with those around him, he learns to accept his fate.

From A Far Land is a study in excellent world building. The politics of the alien society were well-drawn and consistent. Characterization was also on the mark. I loved how everyone, even the bad guys, believed they were right, adding to the main character’s dilemma of knowing who to trust.

I enjoy stories about ordinary people who turn out to be more than they seem, and From A Far Land delivered on that point. But the prophecy the main character followed was never fully explained, and I didn’t get it. Also, there was a bit of time travel at the end that didn’t work for me.

On the whole, From A Far Land is an engrossing read, and I recommend the book to anyone who enjoys a light fantasy.

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