Book Review – The Missing Yesterdays

The Missing Yesterdays (The Adventures of Tremain & Christopher #1)The Missing Yesterdays by Terry Marchion

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

In The Missing Yesterdays by Terry Marchion, Tremain, a lovable and eccentric scientist, is up to his armpits in wacky experiments. When one goes wrong, it causes an entire civilization to disappear. It’s up to Tremain and his nephew, Christopher, to set things right. But how?

The machine that seems to be at the heart of it all sends them to realms unknown. They must unravel the puzzle of where and when they are and restore the course of time before they too wink out of existence.

I love time travel stories. I love the inherent paradoxes. The Missing Yesterdays is a good introduction to such stories for young readers–the story is not too technical and the paradoxes are not overly convoluted. There’s just enough adventure to whet young appetites and open the door to more. Recommended for Middle Grade and up.

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