Book Review – Moved by the Spirit

Moved by the Spirit: A Call to Work with People Living with Blindness and Visual ImpairmentsMoved by the Spirit: A Call to Work with People Living with Blindness and Visual Impairments by Dolores Hanley McDiarmid

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Moved by the Spirit by Dolores Hanley McDiarmid is the autobiographical story of the author’s experiences with blind and sight-impaired people. The reader follows her journey from when she first received the calling to work with the blind to her semi-retirement thirty-five years later. The book is filled with lighthearted and poignant remembrances told in the manner of sitting across from you at the kitchen table enjoying a cup of tea.

My favorite chapter of the book was right up front, Chapter 2, where she describes learning how to be an Orientation and Mobility Specialist by attending classes blindfolded. Orientation and Mobility instructors teach their clients how to navigate life without sight, whether it be crossing busy streets, using the bus system, or simply picking up the mail. I am sight impaired, and I understood firsthand the frustration and fear of getting from point A to point B. Her terror at walking blindly around campus with only a white cane to guide her gave her insight into her clients yet to come.

But Moved by the Spirit is much more than a memoir. The Inquiring Minds Want to Know section answers many questions about how much education is needed to enter the field of Orientation and Mobility, what school subjects help prepare for such a career, and where to find more information. Moved by the Spirit is an excellent book for young people looking to embark upon a fulfilling career. Or for people who want a career change.

I bought my copy at a book signing which took place at the Broward Lighthouse, and I can attest that the author is just as charming as her book.

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