Book Review – That Moment When…

That Moment When: An Anthology of Young Adult FictionThat Moment When: An Anthology of Young Adult Fiction by Derek Murphy

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

That Moment When… An Anthology of YA Authors is a collection of forty short stories and teasers from a variety of young adult authors. The book is divided into sections: Paranormal and Urban Fantasy, Science Fiction, Dystopian and Post-Apocalyptic, Fantasy, Thriller and Horror, and Speculative. The stories were fascinating—I had a hard time putting the book down—and were good examples of what each author had to offer.

It wasn’t easy to narrow down my favorites out of all the displayed talent. Here are a few of the most noteworthy:

Reflection, by Katlyn Duncan, a masterful look at a young vampire who doesn’t yet know what she’s become.

Humanity’s Protectors, by David R. Bernstein, about psychic abilities and whether a person who had them would be used for good or ill.

Provisions, by Kira Lerner. This story had it all—vampires, werewolves, cannibals. I read it twice!

Running Toward Illumia, by Leya Angel, about a young misfit and a rather snarky unicorn. Need I say more?

More Than a Crush, by Kat Stiles, an eerie tale about a girl in love and what she’s prepared to do about it.

Learning to Fly, by Laura Diamond, about a boy who finally realizes a dream. With dragons. I love dragons.

That Moment When… introduced me to a bevy of Young Adult authors I might not have noticed. Their stories piqued my interest. I’ll be checking out more than a few of their books. If you enjoy reading Young Adult, I highly recommend That Moment When… You might find your new favorite author.

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