My Top Ten Tweets for #writers

My Top Ten Tweets

Top Ten Tweets


I love to write, but with writing comes marketing, the bane of my existence. I began gathering tips about writing and marketing from various blogs for easier reference. One day I thought why not share? So here we go. Follow me on Twitter @roxannesmolen for more tips.

Book Promotion Tools that are Working NOW  Tips and links for growing your email list. #writers

10 Free Screenwriting Software Choices For Screenwriters  #writers #screenwriters

9 Agents Looking for Horror Writers  All from reputable agencies. #writers #writerslife

Avast! Piracy and the Self-Publisher  A few words about piracy. #writers #indieauthors

What Agents & Publishers Want and Why  A bit of insight. #writers #writerslife

How Indie Authors Can Sell Their Print Books at Local Bookstores  #writers #indieauthors

7 Simple Hacks to Get Writing When You Just Can’t  #writers #indieauthors

How Authors Can Use Guest Blogging To Sell More Books  #writers #bloggers

5 Key Ingredients All Young Adult Novels Must Have  #writers #writingadvice

The Problem and Solution to Writing Book 2 of a Trilogy  #writers #writingadvice



Congratulations to everyone who participated in Nanowrimo this year. Whether you made your goal or not, you rock.

Do You Know What You’re Capable Of?  What have you accomplished? #writers #nanowrimo2016

NaNoWriMo Tips – It Isn’t About Winning. It’s About Writing.  #writers #nanowrimo2016

What Happens Once NaNoWriMo Is Over? 5 Tips For Preparing Your Manuscript  #writers #nanowrimo2016



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