My Top Ten Tweets for #writers

My Top Ten Tweets

Top Ten Tweets


I love to write, but with writing comes marketing, the bane of my existence. I began gathering tips about writing and marketing from various blogs for easier reference. One day I thought why not share? So here we go. Follow me on Twitter @roxannesmolen for more tips.

How to Become a Writer: 10 Author Secrets  Become the writer you want to be. #writers #writerslife

The Author Website: Not Just a Digital Business Card  #writers #writerslife

7 Bad Writing Habits You Learned in School  Stop worrying about the Writing Police. #writers

My story is far too long. What do I do?  How to ruthlessly cut your novel. #writers #writingtips

Crutch Words: Why They Cripple Your Writing  Words to eliminate. #writers #writingtips

Have you Created Characters or Caricatures?  Create a well-developed character. #writers #writetip

Creating Believable Characters: 8 Tactics  Great characters make great stories. #writers #writetip

Five Holiday Marketing Trends that Authors Can Use for Book Promotion  Stats and takeaways for #writers

10 Questions to Ask Before Signing with a Small Press Publisher (Part One)  #writers #writerslife

Write Like Stephen King: How to Create Scary Monsters  #writers #writingtips


Bonus tweets to get you ready for the upcoming National Novel Writing Month

Creating the Setting for Your NaNoWriMo Novel  Use your five senses. #writer #writetip #nanowrimo

Planning your novel as a pantser… it is possible #writingtips #amplotting  via @JazzFeathers #nanowrimo

15 Story Beats to Keep Your NaNoWriMo Novel on Track  Good checklist. #writers #nanowrimo2016

How to Find and Fill All Your Plot Holes (How to Outline for NaNoWriMo, Pt. 4)  #writers #nanwrimo

Scrivener NaNoWriMo 2016 Offers  This special trial version runs to Dec 7th! #writers #nanwrimo

68 Nano authors have joined the Blog & Social Media Hop so far:  #NaNoWriMo #NaNoWriMo2016 #nanoprep

38 Top Tips for Winning NaNoWriMo in 2016  Terrific tips. #writers #nanowrimo2016

NaNoWriMo Calendar – Organise and Conquer!  #writers #nanowrimo2016


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