6 Things to Include in Your Media Kit

What is a media kit and how can you use it?

Back in the olden days, we used to print out a media kit on heavy paper complete with 8×10 glossies of our book cover and photo, put it all in an eye-catching folder, and mail it to our intended, be it a reporter, literary agent, or publisher.

Now it’s more common to put everything into a zip file and email it to wherever it needs to go.

But consider this: a media kit could actually be your website. It has everything you need to make a great impression.

But what goes into a media kit? Here’s a detailed list.


  1. Author Bios

That’s bios plural. You want it to be written like a news story (third person) and in a variety of lengths.

  • A two-line bio of about 140 characters (to retweet on Twitter)
  • A short bio of about 50 words
  • A medium-length bio of 100 words
  • A longer, more detailed bio between 400-600 words
  • Contact information (include social media icons and links, and a link to your Amazon Author Central page, too.)
  • In addition, you want a speaker introduction of about 250-300 words so that you can control what’s said about you before you take a stage. Include:
  1. Your value to the audience
  2. Your book titles
  3. Testimonials or reviews
  1. Press Release for Your Latest Book

Here’s the format.

  • Headline (about 5-7 words)
  • Subhead (with keywords)
  • Dateline (city, state, date)
  • Author Quote (Such as why you wrote the book, the key character of the book, the emotional angle, or the target audience.)
  • Author Credentials (Such as how many books you’ve written, awards you’ve won. Skip if you don’t have any yet.)
  • About the Book (The back-of-the-book blurb works well if it’s not too long.)
  • How to get review copies.
  • How to get an interview with the author.
  • CALL TO ACTION (Buy now, Get it here, etc. with links)
  • Contact information. (Your email and phone number. Yes, your phone number.)
  • At the end, type #### or (END)
  1. Sample Interview Questions

This is for bloggers or podcasters who want to interview you so you’re not caught off guard. Just list the questions, not the answers. Here are some suggestions.

  • What do you like about…
  • What makes you so positive about…
  • What surprises you about…
  • Some people say… What’s your opinion?
  • What set you on this particular track?
  1. Your Books

Keep it short because you’ll want:

  • A synopsis in 3 different lengths
  • Book cover image
  • Price and buying information with links
  • Book review excerpts
  • Sample chapter (or partial chapter)
  1. Your Photo

But make it more than just a standard headshot. You want to stand out. Make it a meme.


You’ll want both high and low resolutions. Include a snappy tagline.

  1. Contact Information

Repeat all your contact information one more time. (Your email, your phone number, yes do it, all your social media sites with links, and your website URL in case they’re viewing the kit offline.)

I’m sure you can see how this would make a knock-out website. But if you’re happy with the site you have, you can save the kit as a .pdf, leave it somewhere like dropbox.com and link to it so that anyone interested can download it. Or, as I mentioned before, you can save it as a zip file and email it.

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