Kids Going Crazy This Summer?

If your kids are driving you crazy this summer, why not buy them a book they will read again and again. The Violet books are now on sale at Amazon.

Violet Countdown

I wrote the Violet and Olivia books with my granddaughters who were then seven and ten years old. It was a fun experience and taught me a lot about taking chances in writing.

Before they would even talk about a story, they created the characters.

They wanted the youngest girl to have a disability of some kind. As a result, the character was blind, deaf, and in a wheelchair. When I insisted they pick only one, they decided she should be deaf.

Her older sister had to be clever and popular, yet a little insecure. The two girls should get on each other’s nerves, as sisters often do, and squabble throughout the story. But in the end, it should be clear that they truly care about one another.

They wanted both parents to be overseas in the Army, forcing the siblings to live with their dingbat-but-wise grandmother whom I only assume they modeled after me.

Both books are on sale this week, just in time to give your kids something to do. This is a Countdown Deal, which means time is running out. Buy it for their Kindle today. (Or if you prefer, they are also available in print.)

Violet and the Missing Laptop

Violet and the Missing Puppy


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