My Books Are On Sale!

Take a look at these Countdown Deals!

Countdown deal

Get the Amazing Countdown Deal for my urban fantasy series, The Amazing Wolf Boy.

Book 1 The Amazing Wolf Boy – When a pack of lycanthropes kidnap his girlfriend, a teenage nerd/newbie werewolf must harness his new-found superpowers to save her.

Book 2 Werewolf Asylum – When a mad scientist threatens to harvest his supernatural powers, a teenage werewolf enacts a dangerous ploy to get her off his tail.

Book 3 Wolfsbane Brew – When a super werewolf terrorizes his hometown, a teenage werewolf must dig deep to find courage to stand up to him and save his friends.

Book 4 Werewolf Apocalypse – When a villainous lycan takes a young witch as a thrall, a teenage werewolf comes to her rescue and leads his pack into the fight of their lives.

Fun reads for teens. All four books have great reviews. Get them at Amazon.

SM Countdown

Science Fiction goes to hell in my book, Satan’s Mirror, on sale now.

Satan’s Mirror – When Satan kidnaps her six-year-old daughter, a vengeful mother battles the demons of hell to get her back.

Good reviews! Don’t miss this great Countdown Deal going on now at Amazon.


Make the holidays magical with The Adventures of the Power Girls, two books I wrote with my granddaughters. A fun gift for any young reader who enjoys chapter books.

Keepers of Magic – A ten-year-old girl wakes up with blue streaks in her hair and the ability to shoot water out of her hands. Then she finds out her friends woke up with magic abilities, too. Full of laughs! Find it at Amazon.

Island of Magic – Five friends with magical abilities leave their homes in South Florida to attend The Academy of Elemental Magic, which is a castle made of chocolate on a secret island. Lots of fun! Find it at Amazon.

Hurry! Grab these deals before they’re gone.




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