Book Review – City of Bones

City of Bones (The Mortal Instruments, #1)City of Bones by Cassandra Clare
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

I’m told the City of Bones is being made into a summer movie. That saddens me. The City of Bones is yet another example of a weak female character.

Clary is a typical damsel in distress waiting for a boy to rescue her. The only thing she is good at is making biting, sometimes cruel remarks to those who are trying to help her. She also excels at not staying where she’s told to wait. When confronted with danger, she freezes, too petrified to think. She is so ineffectual, I sometimes forgot she was there. Throughout this rather long book, Clary never picks up a weapon to defend herself or to help her friends. She never runs away to find help for those fighting in her defense. She never even uses her brain to work out a puzzle. I kept waiting for her to obtain magical powers or do something to justify her presence in this book. She is dead weight. Yet the story is about her.

At the end, Clary and her friend Luke, enter a castle belonging to the main bad guy. Luke warns his werewolf friend not to follow because it’s too dangerous and instead charges him with leading the fight outside. Yet he takes Clary, a fifteen-year-old girl, with him. During the final battle scene, Clary runs to the weapons room to arm herself. Finally, I thought, she is showing some gumption. But the author, in her wisdom, affixed all the weapons to the walls so Clary couldn’t get one if she wanted to.

What should future generations glean from this behavior? Should we all be mindless and passive, like Snow White waiting for her prince to come?

City of Bones joins the ranks of a long string of immensely popular stories about shallow, self-absorbed women. THIS IS A STEP BACKWARD! I implore all young readers to stand up and say Yes I can! Yes, I can fight back in my own defense. Yes, I can think for myself. And yes, I can pick up another book that is more worthy of my attention.

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One thought on “Book Review – City of Bones

  1. Ahh, I hate wimpy female chicks. It ticks me off that women are represented that way when we’re not like that at all, maybe some but not all.

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