Be a Paranormal Investigator

Are you interested in paranormal activity? Then you owe it to yourself to visit Florida. Sure, it’s famous for its sunny beaches. It’s also haunted.

The city of St. Augustine is listed in the National Directory of Haunted Places. Did you know that St. Augustine is the oldest city in America? It was founded in 1565. The city has beautiful, historic buildings and homes that are painstakingly preserved right down to the original residents.

If you are a paranormal newbie, you should consider taking one of St. Augustine’s many haunted tours. You might enjoy the Ghost Tour (voted the best guided tour in Florida) or the Paranormal Investigation Tour at Potter’s Wax Museum. Or try the afterhours paranormal tour, Dark of the Moon, which takes you into the super haunted St. Augustine Lighthouse.

A more seasoned paranormal investigator might skip St. Augustine’s touristy tours and head straight for the old jail and gallows where several of the original prisoners are still hanging around. The old schoolhouse and the chapel are also good bets for ghostly encounters. The adventurous might spend the night in the Huguenot Cemetery, a place where orbs abound, so be sure to bring a camera.

If St. Augustine is not your destination, there are other haunted spots in Florida to investigate. Like The Good Shepherd Hospice in Auburndale or The Old Courthouse in Bartow. Plan a stay at the Vinoy Hotel in St. Petersburg, which is said to be immensely haunted. Or if you’re visiting Jensen Beach, stop for a coke at Tuckahoe, The Leach Mansion.

One not-to-miss spot is the Cassadaga Hotel, which is famous for its orbs and spirit sightings. Don’t forget your camera.

The hotel is smack in the middle of the Psychic Capital of the World, Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp. If you are more interested in speaking to spiritualists than to spirits, this is the place for you. The town is populated by certified mediums, healers, sensitives, and astrologers. They believe everyone is psychic—that means you, too—and hold public classes to bring out latent talents.

The townsfolk of Cassadaga are a deeply religious people who follow the nine principles of spiritualism:

1. We believe in God.
2. We believe that God is expressed through all Nature.
3. True religion is living in obedience to Nature’s Laws.
4. We never die.
5. Spiritualism proves that we can talk with people in the Spirit World.
6. Be kind, do good, and others will do likewise.
7. We bring unhappiness to ourselves by the errors we make and we will be happy if we obey the laws of life.
8. Everyday is a new beginning.
9. Prophecy and healing are expressions of God.

The town began as a community of tents in 1894 and slowly grew to more permanent wooden cabins. Today, Cassadaga looks like any small town. The homes are quaint, and the parks are tranquil. The best way to find your personal spiritual counselor is to walk down the streets (which are always eerily quiet) and wait to feel a vibration or see an aura around a particular house. Then just walk right up and knock. Both believers and skeptics are welcome.

Before you book that flight to Florida, you should consider packing more than your bathing suit. All paranormal investigators use tools, and you should, too.

A good EMF detector will measure the strength and direction of electromagnetic fields as well as magnetic waves and radio microwaves. Paranormal events cause fluctuations in electrical fields, and a gaussmeter will verify that you’ve touched another realm.

A basic infrared thermometer gun will certify sudden drops in temperature. Sensations of extreme cold are often reported during spirit visits.

You should have a digital voice recorder. Not for quick memos to me but to record creaks, bangs, and voices from beyond.

Also, invest in a low lux digital camcorder. It needs to be low lux because your research might take place in the dark, and you’ll need a camera that can function with little or no light.

Publish your findings on YouTube or a blog, and your followers will clamor for more.

If you’d rather experience paranormal activity from the comfort of your home, you might enjoy a good book. My novel, Satan’s Mirror, follows Emily Goodman, a paranormal investigator, from St. Augustine, Florida, to Hell. Buy it now!


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