Review of Dreams of Beauty by Aubrie Dionne

At first glance, Dreams of Beauty  by Aubrie Dionne is an enchanting fairytale complete with curses, love’s first kiss, and poisoned apples.  But with further reading, the story goes much deeper than that.  It is a paranormal romance about a young woman who transports back in time through her dreams to fall in love with the perfect man.

Emme, a shy and introverted orphan, must break the bindings of her humdrum existence and believe in her dreams in order to be with the man she loves.  When she finds him, he is encased in a glass coffin, asleep for a hundred years.  Dreams of Beauty is rich in imagery and intrigue.  I especially enjoyed the plot twists concerning Emme’s heritage and her parents’ demise.  One thing I did not understand, however, was the appearance of a nameless old man who gave Emme what she needed.  As a reader, I wanted to know more about this mysterious character: how did he come to be in the middle of nowhere at just the right time, how did he know what Emme would need to continue her quest, why did he recognize her grandfather’s watch.  But as the book was set up to have a sequel, I trust the author to answer these questions as the story continues.

I recommend Dreams of Beauty as a quick summer read or even as a bedtime story for children.  Like any good fairytale, the moral is clear.  Love is the most important thing in life, and true beauty comes from compassion.

Buy it here.

Roxanne Smolen
Author of The Colonial Scouts Adventures



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